Minnesota Vikings New Stadium Costs More Than NASA’s Trip To Pluto

The cost to construct NFL stadiums has reached an astronomical level—literally.

Pat Kessler of CBS Minnesota recently pointed out a mind-blowing fact: The construction of the Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium is a more costly project than the space probe NASA sent to Pluto. The Vikings’ new home, recently christened U.S. Bank Stadium, cost $1 billion, while the New Horizon satellite project, a 10-year voyage spanning the solar system, cost only $720 million.

I think this makes total sense. Of course a stadium here on planet earth should cost more than a dumb trip to Pluto. What purpose or benefit has that tiny ass planet served for us anyway? I would fully expect the cost of a stadium to be more. In fact, I think any amount of money tossed at Pluto is a fucking waste. Screw it. Hundreds of thousands of humans will enjoy the new Vikings stadium. Zero, squat, zilch will ever enjoy Pluto. Of course the science nerds will throw a fit but in this case the “dumb jocks” should prevail. Screw off Pluto.

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