Sunday not so Funday

Yesterday was an absolute recovery day. Ted and I were pretty fired up knowing we would giphy (3).gifbe ordering some Marco’s, a nice change of pace from the traditional Bdubbs wings. We
placed some bets together on the day’s NFL match-ups and that’s where things took a turn for the worst. We didn’t win one bet placed yesterday, everyone of my fantasy football teams took a shit and Ted Sr., Ted’s dad took a spill when he sat down into a chair down in the Falcon’s Nest. He thinks he may have torn his rotator cuff, but the impressive move of the day was he didn’t spill a drop of his beer when he fell over.

giphy (4).gifWith No J-Hoe, G-Spot, or Big Dick Rick around, Yesterday made for a pretty lame day, which begs the question, Will I be lounging around in my depression robe later or hitting the gym? Ted and I have been in what seems like a quiet, quiet funk…We’re missing the fellas and it’s very apparent. Not the way I wanted to start this week, need to turn it around quick!

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