Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt To Divorce – Jennifer Aniston Remains Happy

Say it ain’t so! The Mr. and Mrs. Smith couple are officially calling it quits.

Jolie filed legal docs Monday citing irreconcilable differences. She’s asking for physical custody of the couple’s six children.  She is asking the judge to give Pitt visitation.  It’s significant …she does not want Brad to have joint physical custody … only joint legal custody. Sources connected with the couple tell us … Angelina’s decision to file has to do with the way Brad was parenting the children … she was extremely upset with his methods. Jolie, who’s being repped by disso queen Laura Wasser, is not asking for spousal support. Jolie lists the date of separation as Sept. 15, 2016. They married in August, 2014.  They’ve been together since 2004.

Of course this is not shocking. Everyone knows that most Hollywood couples get divorced these days. You can essentially just toss it in there as another step in the “dating process.” Marriage is no longer the end of the road. It’s just one of the points many people take a pit stop at. I’m just sad that these two ruined the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston relationship years ago.

Jenn also seems more than happy. Her hubby (Justin Theroux) suffers from a bit of the Rick Muntz disease.



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