Coco The Dog Has 7 IPhones & Is Cocky As Hell About It

Coco the Alaskan malamute’s owner Wang Sicong, son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin (estimated worth $30 billion), bought her dog eight iPhone 7 handsets on the day of their release.
This is just a cocky ass rich move – Something that I would totally do if I could pull it off. Losers across the world are waiting hours for these phones. On the streets, outside stores, and fighting one another. Meanwhile this dog has 7 of them while kicking back on the couch looking all cool as shit. I actually applaud this move because its a direct slap in the face to everyone obsessing over the release. Coco can’t even speak or use twitter but he’s hoarding 7 phones that some humans would literally kill for.
This also isn’t the first cocky ass move. In 2015 the dog was snapped wearing two apple watches worth $37,000.
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