J-Hoe attends his 1st Oktoberfest…Beers, Babes, and Lederhosens for days.

As you all know J-Hoe has left us in the dust as he blazes a trail through Europe for a “work trip” seems like a real difficult trip as he’s doing what he does every weekend. Boozing his ass off and his “coworkers” seem to be with him every step of the way. Egg industry my ass… I used to sell booze for a living and I swear these guys drink more than we ever did. Regardless, It can’t be expressed enough how jealous we are of his opportunity to tear it up. We’ve had limited communication with him and can’t express enough how much the nest needs him back. We were sent a few photos here and there Yesterday of J-Hoe and friends downing brewskis left and right. of3of2of1OF6.jpeg

I don’t see a fucking egg in sight…Like I said, work trip? Working Hard or hardly working? I’m calling it right now, J-Hoe will be sleeping away the entire next week. Which I will give him a pass because the following weekend is BG’s Homecoming weekend and I need this guy locked and loaded, ready to GO!

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  1. My handsome grandson living the life of Riley enjoy yourself


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