Life Pro Tip – Don’t Lose Weight

Seriously, stop trying to shed the extra pounds. Sure, it’s healthy and will ensure a better future, but it’s also hard work and financially expensive.

I haven’t lost a ton of weight but I’ve lost enough that my fucking pants no longer fit. It’s bullshit. I have two options: Either invest in all new pants or put the weight back on. I’m currently leaning toward more weight as I have no interest in buying new clothes. I like the ones I got. And even if I were to buy all new clothes it would only be a short term solution and a waste. Odds are I won’t keep this chub off, and in no time I’ll be loaded again.

So my advice to anyone out there: Don’t lose or gain weight. Stay right where you are. It will require no clothing investment and it also won’t require intense work and dedication.

Another option – Get so fat that the only thing you can wear are elastic wasted sweatpants. They adjust and also look very comfortable. 

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