Uncle Stink’s Fake Hand, Coming to a party near you!

Last year at BGSU’s Homecoming game and Tailgate I thought it would be funny to take a Halloween prop hand that was considerably smaller than my own and tuck it in my sleeve as if I were born with it. Let me tell you it was a real hit, hopefully the joke will stand the test of time and continue to be tear jerking funny. I don’t know why but it had us rolling in laughter so much so that I took it to the bar later on that night, “Shots Inc” formerly known as “Kamikazes” or “Kamis” and danced the night away with it. The whole gag reminds me of a bit that Jimmy Fallon pulled many times on the Tonight Show.

With Homecoming and Halloween around the corner I’m ready to get my jokes on a whole nother level…watch out!

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