Can We Cut Out The Small Talk At Meetings

I’ve been on the road all day for meetings and it’s essentially been a complete waste of time. Can we all agree that business small talk is a total load of shit? Fake smiles, bullshit questions, and discussions about the always SHOCKING weather. Ever notice that? The weather is never steady or normal in conversations. It’s always extreme and everyone is blown away by the heat, the cold, or the humidity. What the fuck do people in San Diego use as a conversation starter or filler? “Boy, it’s been lovely and perfect for the last 365 days.

My basic point is that 50% of my time was probably wasted with painstaking conversation. When it comes to business I wish it went something like this:

Buyer: “What do you got?”

Me: “This bad ass proposal and product. It will help you out ___X__ way”

Buyer: “What does it cost?”

Me: “__X__ amount”

Buyer: “Shit yeah, let’s do it!”

Shake hands and leave. Both businesses are happy and each person can go on with their life. Sure, I get it, we have to shoot the shit and build a relationship. I’m amazing at that. I just hate having to do it sometimes. Usually it’s awkward like below.

I wish it went like this.

One thought on “Can We Cut Out The Small Talk At Meetings

  1. I agree I hate that but I went three places yesterday and at everyone the first thing out of my mouth I am so hot I hate the heat. Why is so hot Do u know this August was hotter then it’s benn in a 100 years. How stupid Who cared I am disgusted I am still hotttttt


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