McDonald’s getting creative with the Chicken McGriddle? Not Really…

I’ve been shaping up or maybe more like down to put on that fall/winter weight once again. The LBs are adding up and like Ted, I sometimes can’t stop myself or turn away from the guilty food decisions. I rolled through McDonald’s this morning to grab a little food, after having a few too many weekday pilsners the night before, as my stomach had been begging for some greasy food. This wasn’t the picture on the board that caught my eye because frankly the sandwich shown here:


Ronald_&_Grimace.jpgLooks pretty fucking gross to me, but the little chicken patty was god damn delicious! I’m fairly certain my calorie intake this morning was at least 1,000. McDonald’s was going for that chicken and waffles combo here. They lacked a little with the syrup taste and obviously there’s no waffle in sight but it’s worth a go the next time you’re feeling rough and are looking for some cheap relief. Damn you Ronald McDonald and your weird purple Chicken Nugget Friend, Grimace! You’ve rocked it once again! I’ll probably be “grimacing” on the toilet later…

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