The Best Play In Football

The best play in football is the (unintentional or intentional) under thrown deep ball down the sidelines. Only three weeks into the year and I’ve seen this play a million times already and I swear some teams are intentionally doing it. A few things happen with the under thrown ball.

  1. There’s always a chance for a catch. While the under thrown ball leaves opportunities, an over thrown ball yields absolutely zero outcomes. A total waste.
  2. 8 out of 10 times (My guess, not scientific as nothing here is) the defender runs into the receiver which leads to Pass Interference. And shit, it’s not the fault of the defender? How the hell is he suppose to know the WR will just suddenly stop mid sprint?
  3. The shit illusion of an offensive vertical threat opens up the defense for additional plays throughout the game.
  4. The defender is always lost. It doesn’t matter if they have perfect position or not. And don’t give me the “turn your head” shit. It’s not so easy. DB is a game of chasing and reacting to the receiver. It’s impossible to react when they just stop and you are on their hip.

It pains me to post this but watch Denard Robinson’s pass on this  deep ball for example. Denard was a freak athlete but he was awful at stretching the field. His “deep balls” were the first time I witnessed this phenomenon and the dude owes his receivers, the refs, and his noodle arm for a lot of passing stats or PI calls. He also owes god for his insane athletic ability and speed. Dude was a stud.

Defender was in perfect position. Ball was terribly under thrown. Defender is blind to it. Receiver comes back. Robinson is now a hero for throwing the ball about as far as I can.

A few more examples:


Capture 2.JPG

Capture 3.JPG

Maybe more Qb’s should just lay the ball out there and rely on a catch or PI. There are ton of examples but not many I could find and share. Next weekend just pay attention. Sooner or later two genius’s like Belichick and Brady will work this into their game plan and execute it flawlessly. Especially with Tom getting older.



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