Had enough Frisbee? We haven’t…Brodie Smith and Notre Dame team up. Plus FRISBEER!

Bleacher Report put together a compilation of Frisbee tosses by Brodie Smith a Vine Superstar and the stars of Notre Dame’s Football team. After 2 L’s to difficult matchups, Texas and Michigan State, it may be time to put the Frisbee down…Sorry Ted and J-Hoe, I understand that might sting a little but take a look at these trick shots and catches by their favorite college football team.

Little known fact about J-Hoe and I, we’ve never been beaten in Frisbeer. Team “SexyBack Lumberjacks” went about 9-0 in Put-In-Bay while defeating “Team Salt N Peyeeeepa!” multiple times… Here’s a short clip of insight into Frisbeer. We Paired up as 2 man teams but these 2 unlikely, nonathletic competitors show you how they play this tailgate/back yard game really well. Looks like they’ve got a lot of time on their hands…

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