Bill Belichick & Sexy Tom Brady – Shut Up With The Brady Hot Takes Already!

After last night the Patriots and Belichick have started the season 3-0 without Tom Brady. First off, that is absolutely insane and further solidifies Bill’s legacy as the greatest off all-time. I laugh at the recent commentary saying this 3 game stretch has made him the GOAT. No, you dumb asses. Three games doesn’t do that, his multiple Super Bowls, Division titles, and continuous winning has solidified him already. These 3 games are like the sprinkles on top of the greatest Ice Cream you have ever licked. Bill was already there.

What makes Bill incredible? For starters his approach to winning is far different than most… Instead of looking for ways to win, he looks for ways to not lose. Bill masks the ugliest parts of his teams with a cologne of genius. Case in point: Every time Brady gets hurt the replacement Qb is successful. Why? Because Bill puts them in the best position to be successful. Last night Jacoby Brissett, a rookie QB on a short week, won 27-0. He finished the night 11-19 for 103 yards passing with 8 carries for 48 yards and a TD. Nothing about those numbers are eye popping but multiple sets, formations, and executable plays mitigated any potential damage and made it appear that the offense was much more complex than it really was. You can own 3 sets of clothes but the way you mix and match them can make it look like a whole lot more. That’s what Bill did. He put makeup on the pig and let the strong parts of the team prevail. 

This approach has made every player and asset disposable. Bill pumps up a players value and cashes in for draft picks or other more favorable assets in return. You watch – Someone will overpay for Jimmy Garoppolo the same way they over paid for Matt Cassel.

Bill also takes away the best player or scheme of his opponent. It’s no secret that big name players struggle against the Patriots. Hell, I consider sitting all of my fantasy players when up against the Pats D. You run it well, he stops that. You pass it well, he stops that. All focus is directed toward the best go-to play or player.

Finally, he has TOM BRADY. Like any great leader they need an ally. Together the two of them have built the most well-oiled franchise in sports. It’s fucking hilarious that people are now questioning Tom Brady’s talent because Bill is winning without him. Sure, I don’t think Tom would of had the same career success with another coach, but I also don’t think Bill would have enjoyed the same success with another QB. Bill aided Tom early in his career the same way he aided Brissett last night. Year’s later as Tom has progressed they are both on another level. These Pats DO NOT WIN A Super Bowl without either. Together they have built a Patriots culture from the top down. This deflate gate has only driven their passion and when Tom returns you better watch out. These fellas are on a mission and the entire organization has bought in…

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