Steven Avery Has A Sort Of Hot Lady Friend

Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery is engaged to a 53-year-old Las Vegas blonde – and they met for the first time just last week. Via Daily Mail.

  • The couple ‘met’ through letters and have been ‘dating’ secretly for eight months, mostly over the phone 
  • But they finally saw each other in person at the prison for the first time last week 
  • Hartman has faced an onslaught of online abuse since the news emerged 
  • Avery was sentenced  to life without parole in 2005 along with his nephew Brendan Dassey – who is now set to be released
  • Avery’s ex-fiancé Sandra Greenman, who’s been visiting him in prison for over a decade, says Hartman is after Avery’s fame and money


I mean – If you consider he will remain locked in jail for murder this is a pretty fucking nice pull. I would totally sleep with her in his scenario. Shit, I can’t really say I wouldn’t in my current scenario. For an older woman Steven has cleaned up. Unfortunately it doesn’t say if the two just met and talked or if it was a conjugal visit. For his sake I hope it was conjugal. He must be so backed up that he cannot even think straight anymore.

The “Making A Murderer” series fascinated me and I still don’t know if he did it. What I do know is this woman is a nut job. You don’t send romantic letters to Steven Avery from Las Vegas if you are normal. He literally brings nothing to the table. Then again some chicks are into the whole prison bad boy. One time in BG I came across a dude who was free for the first time in a year. I shit you not, he was sucking face left and right with numerous suitors. The ladies were flocking to him. Uncle Stink and I considered flipping a car and getting locked up ourselves after witnessing the behavior.

Look at this pimp: Further proof that many woman don’t care about looks. They want fame, money, or attention. If you have all three you are what we call Ryan Gosling.



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