Blind Hoarder Has Dead Son In Her Home For 20 Years

Blind hoarder is found to have unknowingly lived with remains of her fully-clothed son who hasn’t been seen in 20 years


  • Rita Wolfensohn is believed to have lived with son’s remains for 20 years 
  • Wolfensohn is legally blind and police said her home was full of trash
  • One official said it looked like ‘garbage truck dumped its load’ in the home 
  • When the remains were found they were wearing jeans, socks and a shirt
  • But the corpse in the Brooklyn home was a perfectly intact skeleton

I don’t blame this lady one bit. If I was blind and living in my house I wouldn’t know if someone died or not either. You should smell the basement during football Sunday’s when 10-12 guys all pack in with beers, BW3’s, chips N dips… It’s nasty. If Uncle Stink were to die in the corner the smell wouldn’t alert me one bit. I would assume it’s just Uncle Stink business as usual. It would be weeks until I thought something was up…

I do wonder what this women thought all this time though. I mean, it’s obvious that her own son didn’t talk for 20 years. Poor woman probably hated him all this time, figuring he ran out on her. For 20 years while he rotted away she carried around disgust that her own son wasn’t even calling on her birthday’s. God – she must have hated her dead son.


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