Tonight’s Debate

This is about to be TV at its finest. An estimated 100 million people are expected to tune in and watch two of the most disliked candidates of all-time. I know I will. Despite Monday Night football being on, my eyes will be all over this debate.

What I’m hoping for:

  • I don’t truthfully care about  facts. They will manipulate figures and bend them anyway they see fit, as is the case in any election.
  • I would love to have a small corner camera on Trump the entire debate. His facial expressions will be gold.
  • A few coughing spells for Hillary would be entertaining. Watching Trump bite his tongue while she coughs up a lung will be like watching Michael Scott not say “That’s what she said!” when he knows its inappropriate.
  • The moderator challenge Trump on a regular basis. Before long he will have the entire auditorium against the media and it will be a fight between Trump and the media, not Hillary.
  • A small hands comment – God please
  • A handful of personal jabs back and forth. Specifically a few comments about Bill Clinton getting it in.

Let’s face it – This is more about entertainment than anything. Viewers tune in for people they hate and that’s the reason for the high viewership. We are looking at two candidates with unlike-ability ratings in the 60%’s.

PS: If you don’t know who you are voting for by now its actually annoying. These two have been around forever. Make up your damn mind already. We know who they are.


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