Cleveland “Windians” Clinch the AL Central

Welp, we did it…we fucking did it! My Cleveland Indians clinched the AL Central Division and will be playing postseason ball in October. The world must be coming to an end, First the Cleveland Cavs Win a Championship, now the Indians are making a solid push at a title, and we have Trump and Hillary Clinton battling for the presidency. I didn’t watch one minute of that dumb ass debate. I was too busy pounding Fruity Pebbles and watching the Indians go 7-0 at Comerica this season. I said it before and I’ll say it again… Grab Crotch Tigers Fans!

Wonder where they celebrated last night?

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We woke up like this #CLINCHED

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When we #RallyTogether, we #WinTogether

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Say hello to your AL CENTRAL CHAMPS 🍾🎉

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Time to Tune up and win the whole god damn thing boys!

One thought on “Cleveland “Windians” Clinch the AL Central

  1. The end of the world is right — might as well throw in the Chicago Cubs’ success as evidence. I mean a Cubs v. Indians World Series?!?! The world would end and no one would win, extending both of their god-awful droughts!!


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