Harambe Tributes Are Being Silenced By Colleges

The administration at Clemson University is banning students from publicly displaying references to Harambe, saying he promotes racism and rape culture, Campus Reform reported. 

Also Kansas attacks gorillas:

An RA at the University of Kansas was advised against incorporating an image of a gorilla into a jungle-themed floor decoration because the animal apparently represents “a very masculine image.”

Capture 2.JPG

You have got to be kidding me…  Harambe memes are racist & contribute to rape culture according to Clemson and Kansas so they are now banned on campus. Really? When does it stop? We live in a world of soft asses constantly trying to stir things up and cry victim. Pansy ass college kids across the country are searching for unfair treatment like a couple of 6 year olds playing a game of hide and seek. Here’s the deal – The world is not fair, and it’s about time everyone grows a backbone and stops looking for issues in the most ridiculous places. Trust me – a dead gorilla joke is not an issue.We have enough problems in this world and fabricating them for “attention” is just muddying any legitimate cause. Everyone needs to stop being a wimp, stop crying, and stop being emotional. If something legitimately bothers you stiffen up your back, raise your head, and take it on without calling foul every step of the way. The old saying, stick’s and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me is long gone… Do we have problems? Yep – but a dead gorilla isn’t it.


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