Kid Cudi’s “Passion, Pain, Demon Slayin'” is supposed to drop at the end of the week

I know G-Spot gave us a rundown on Cudi’s twitter rant Kid Cudi – Kanye West Feud swearing to burn the music world to the ground essentially ripping Kanye and Drake a new one and that everyone should watch their asses because he was coming for them. Cudi dropped his track list earlier this week and in true Kid Cudi Form along with his other rap albums he broke them into Acts… The Album is rumored to have 3 real big names, Travis Scott, Pharrell, and Andre 3000 who has been in and out of the music world as of late.

The album is coming out Friday and this is a must hit for him he needs to bring the motherfucking heat or he will catch so much shit. I used to be huge into Cudder before his rock albums and I can’t hate him for doing what he loves it just didn’t fit my musical taste so, yeah, I’m sorry but he needs to bring it this Friday!

Don’t let me down broski!

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