“Miss Piggy”, Eddie Lacey, & Pablo Sandoval Aren’t All That Different

A beauty pageant is defined as: a competition in which the entrants, usually women, are judged as to physical beauty and sometimes personality and talent, with the winners awarded prizes or titles.

Trump has been blasted for old comments in which he called former Miss Universe contestant, Alicia Machado “Miss piggy” during her pageant days. While he could have admittedly worded it much better, his overall position isn’t really all that off base to me. Part of her job as a contestant was to be beautiful and fit. It’s not like she was some random teacher and he called her out for being chubby. (Though I could see him do that)  She was a Miss Universe contestant which already requires insane Rules & Regulations. (Keep reading to get my point)

Much like the packers organization called out Eddie Lacey for getting fat, why shouldn’t she be expected to be fit? Mike McCarthy said the following about Lacey and his weight: “He’s got a lot of work to do, his off-season last year was not good enough and he never recovered from it. He cannot play at the weight he played at this year.”


The Red Sox organization also said the same thing to Pablo Sandoval when he got huge. “We told him we needed him to come back in better condition,’’ Farrell said. “Along with that, you anticipate there’s some potential for weight to be dropped. But there wasn’t a specific number given where we said, ‘We want you to come in at this weight.’’’


All I’m saying is that all jobs or professions require certain expectations.  Jet pilots must have excellent eye sight, surgeons must have incredibly steady hands, athletes must be in shape, Victoria Secret Angels have to be sexy, and beauty pageant or Miss Universe contestants should be fit. If you can’t meet those requirements then you don’t qualify for the spot. 

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