The Cutest Penguin I’ve Ever Seen

‘It’s great to see you again!’ Brazilian fisherman hugs his PENGUIN pal who swims 5,000 miles to see him every year after he saved its life in 2011 

The penguin, called Dindim, was snapped in the village of Proveta on September 5 on Ilha Grande island, Brazil.  

Retired bricklayer and part-time fisherman Joao Pereira de Souza, 71, discovered the tiny penguin languishing on rocks in 2011 and saved his life.

What a way to start your Wednesday. Such a great friendship and bond!

I would die to have a pet penguin as a friend. Every time I go to the zoo I stand and watch them slide into the water like the happiest bunch of shit heads I’ve ever seen. What is not to like about them? They are a bird, but they cant fly so there is no threat of them getting away. They waddle which is hilarious. They give pebbles to their mates which leads to fucking (Serious game) and they are apparently the best friend you could ever have. I have zero human friends that would swim 5,000 miles to see me. Shit, they won’t even fly 5,000 miles to see me. Meanwhile Dindim is busting his ass round trip to see an old man.


This picture cracked me up – Looks like Uncle Stink on vacation. Only ankle deep – Stink is not a great swimmer.


Here I am watching Uncle Stink so he doesn’t drowned.


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