Anyone Dressed As a Clown Should Be Shot – Especially Around Toledo

A recent trend has been going on throughout Northwest, Ohio and the entire country. Assholes with no lives are dressing up as clowns and randomly showing up in neighborhoods, along roads, or in public settings late at night. Clowns don’t scare me personally but they do many others. Really I just hate assholes. Especially assholes who paint their faces and concern themselves with this “hobby”.

To end it I think we should should pass a law. Outside of birthday parties and Halloween, if anyone is dressed as a clown they can be shot. Now I understand that shootings have been a real sensitive topic lately but this isn’t about black, white, yellow, or brown. This is about a clown. No different than a deer hunting season. If you want to be a wise ass then deal with the consequences. I promise if I see one I will do everything I can to make them miserable. It’s going on everywhere (Clowns across the country)


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