Red Sox Clinch & Baseball Has The GREATEST Celebrations

Last night the Red Sox clinched the American League East title but clinching was rather awkward. They blew a 3-0 lead to the Yankees and lost in the bottom of the ninth. Sure, it’s bitter to lose to a hated rival but who cares in the big picture… they did the following to celebrate.

I’ve always been critical of the frequency in which baseball celebrations occur. Teams party after clinching the division, clinching the wild card, winning round one, round two, and the World Series. I’ve always felt it more deserving to celebrate only after winning the whole damn thing…

However, I’ve since changed that view. Maybe its my growing age or my growing alcoholism. I’m not sure which. But now I think they should party even after regular season series wins. Why not? Everyone loves to party so it only makes sense to celebrate. Think about it now. It’s May and the Sox just swept the Yankees -Popping bottles in the clubhouse

I’ve now embraced these celebrations. You have one life to live. Party it up.


One thought on “Red Sox Clinch & Baseball Has The GREATEST Celebrations

  1. Sawx v. Tribe — TED v. Unc Stink, MIG, & TJP.
    Let’s hit up a local watering hole and throw some pilsners back for one of the games.
    If you guys are into that kind of thing.


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