Ryder Cup Shenanigans- Fan $100 richer, Makes Putt McIlroy and Sullivan Could Not

The practice rounds have already started and with a bit of fun too. A heckler was invited down by Henrik Stenson after saying that he could get the job done when Europe’s Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan repeatedly missed the 12 foot putt on the 6th green. Justin Rose made things eve more interesting by laying a $100 bill as winnings for the loud mouth if he were to sink it, and sink it he did! They made him putt with what looked like a child’s putter too. The guy made joke about then length of it and also another alluding to the fact that DJ aka Dustin Johnson has well…a rather large Johnson, Dong, or putter. As well as a joke about him being on “home soil right?” Good for this guy though, as he put himself in one of those situations where he ran his mouth or dug his own grave, you better step up and fucking drain that putt!


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