Whiskey, The Fall Favorite…Things will get interesting Saturday.

bulleitryeTed and I are used to pouring bottles of bourbon and whiskey into ourselves during the chillier months of the year. We like the way it makes our tummies and faces warm and numb. Last year we accidentally drank just short of a handle of Bulleit Bourbon 2-3 days leading up to the Ohio State VS. Michigan rivalry game. We had planned on bringing it to the game but had to buy a smaller bottle the evening before because there was no reason to do what we had done the nights prior to that game.

There’s a lot of excitement, anticipation, and Midwest Steam building as we’re almost into the weekend and I don’t know about you Knuckleheads but I’m “READY TO FUCKING GOOOOO!” and that means plenty of busch light and oh, yes whiskey. Ted and I swung through the grocery store the other day and picked up 2 gallons of locally sourced apple cider that we will mix a balanced beverage of 85% bourbon and 15% apple cider. Hell yes!

whiskey.jpgOn a side note, My birthday is coming up in a month and I’m not sure how I came across this baby but it’s screaming my name. The company Corkscicle which is known for corking a bottle of white wine while chilling it without watering it down has moved on to the high proof spirits. The “whiskey wedge” is another take on chilling liquors rather than the ice ball mold or whiskey stones this mold comes with its own glass and cap for a slick wedge mold for ready to drink accessibility after it’s done freezing. It’s only $20… Why wouldn’t you buy this thing(For me).


However you drink your whiskey or bourbon, whether it be neat, on the rocks, with cider or our personal favorite, Vernors, start drinking it now, tis the season…

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