Quarterbacks wearing their wedding rings on the field, really?

come-on-man-o.gifLast night as we we’re tipping some back at our local watering hole, G-Spot, Ted, and I spotted Andy Dalton wearing a rubber wedding ring while he and the Bengals ran it up on the Miami Dolphins last night. I love you as a football player, I truly do like him but you can’t take that wedding ring off while battling on the grid iron? C’mon man…

She’s got your red hair havin’, pepsi drinkin’ ass by the balls. You look like a loser. Women might find it endearing that he’s wearing it, that he’s not “too macho” to wear his ring on the field. It doesn’t make sense to be wearing it , you could lose that finger getting it caught on a helmet… I know, I know, it’s rubber but crazier shit has happened so I wouldn’t trust it. I feel bad calling just Andy out here because others like “Big Ben” Roethlisberger wears one and Ryan Fitzpatrick as well. Plenty of ladies out there for multimillionaires like you guys that if your girl were to tell you what to do like wearing your wedding band, you tell her kick gravel. Move on to the next one…


Here’s something more embarrassing though, Dalton’s engagement photos. They’re fucking hilarious. I actually get a little uncomfortable seeing these as the couple looks to create love before our eyes…CHEESY!


One last, c’mon man… The Red Rocket wearing pleats?!


This is brutal…

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