HBO’s Westworld premiered last night and it is weird…

I’m not sure if the rest of you caught this last night but I tried watching “Westworld”and it was weird as fuck. People essentially pay money to interact with almost Human Robots that have been created in a lab in this fake old western like lifestyle. You pay a shit ton to dress up like a cowboy or ranch hand or parlor girl. You get to have sex with robots or kill them if you want. It’s some of the most bizarre shit I’ve ever seen. Lots of robot nudity…not bad, not bad at all, a lot of violence, and a lot of confusion but it has me sort of hooked because they leave so many questions unanswered. I’m really unsure if Ed Harris’s character is real or a robot. Guess I’ve got a new show to watch now that Ballers and Vice Principals is over…


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