The NFL Taunting Penalties Are A Joke

The NFL stands for the No Fun League – HAHA, OMG! I bet you’ve never heard that original joke before… Just like you’ve probably never heard “Get in the hole” at a Golf tournament before.

Last Sunday Cam Newton was penalized and fined over $9,000 for a taunting call. Josh Norman was also penalized for taunting after simulating himself shooting a bow and arrow. So far this year taunting penalties are up 350% from last season, yet the NFL still uses the celebration images and videos for promotional commercials and merchandise sales. Nick Wright sums up my feelings perfectly below…

The NFL is selling this below image which includes the Marshawn Lynch Dick grab for $150 – Oh, Btw, Lynch was fined $20,000 for that move.


Yeah, this is great business by the NFL. Let’s remove our stars from the product for ridiculous reasons. Shit, nothing is greater than watching Antonio Brown air hump after a TD

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