USA Ryder Cup Champions And Golf At It’s Best

We did it! Ryder Cup Champions for the USA! In a cocky ass move we strutted our shit to a title and 2 years of bragging rights over the crooked teethed inbred Europeans. I would have stayed away from personal insults but Danny Willet’s brother made everything fair game with his American trashing essay.

From the very first Tee the Americans controlled the entire weekend and capped it off with a win by reaching the 14 1/2 point threshold early on. For me the Ryder cup is golf at it’s best. It’s the direction all golf needs to evolve towards. The fans cheer and boo, the players actually show emotion, and cocking off to one another is actually accepted. Gone are the stuffy ass fans and competitors. It looks more like your average Joe facing off against his buddies with a few cold ones cracked on the weekend. Hell, I like it so much that I think someone like Mark Cuban should start a golf league with this format in place. The Team, The team, The Team. You even had players like Tiger and Bubba just along for the support, not even playing. Bubba also cried…

For some highlights of the weekend see below. Reed and Rory were the best. I also might be rethinking the pro golfer or rock star debate. Only if I’m guaranteed a Ryder Cup spot every year.





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