Gallon Water Challenge Update – Serious PSA – Must Read

So apparently drinking that much water at a rapid pace is very dangerous. My friend and partner in this challenge actually sent me an article about how it depletes your salt levels and your body essentially goes through “water intoxication.” It’s so legit that people have actually died. How was I to know? It’s not like I was chugging vodka or something.

Long story short – My mother who is an avid Knuckles reader and a nurse became worried when she read that I downed the Gallon in roughly an hour. Like any mother would do she reached out to me via text – Seen below:


Soon after my return “OK” response I licked a few handful’s of salt and went back to work. I also put my phone on silent to get tasks done (Which was a bad move). During that 30 minute silent period my mom apparently text and called a few times. Even my Dad text the following because I was not answering (And why would I? I’m a working man)


In the end my mom actually called my office in a bit of a panic. Apparently she was worried I had a seizure or passed out. She basically ran every worst case scenario through her head. Heck even J-Hoe and Uncle Stink were in on the frantic search party.


I’m fine but let this be a lesson. 1) I’m a survivor 2) Water can be dangerous so consume with caution. And 3) It’s also pretty cool to see how many people care about my well being.

“Been Planning it for years…”

One thought on “Gallon Water Challenge Update – Serious PSA – Must Read

  1. M y son did that to me he was at a lunch got a chicken bone throat in his stomach went to hospital they said come back if ufeel choking he was out of town his mother talked to him called him later no answer no answer called his wife called the landlord mother could not quit calling finally he called going agggagggggagggg then laughed do u believe he laughed I thought he choked to death whenever he wants to play a joke I will call and he will answer agggagggg chicken many phone calls made moms we worry no matter how old U are. Grandaughter also calling and this what brings gray hair.


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