Hugh Jackman’s Last Role and Final Wolverine Movie, Title has been released…

Yes, another nerdy post from myself based on a Marvel Movie. Hugh Jackman is starring in his last role and stand alone Wolverine movie. He tweeted a movie poster that shared the title and an image of the famous metal claws.

The Title is Logan and “Wolverine” or “James Howlett” is commonly referred to as “Logan” but I’m not sure why… It will take a little deeper digging. The poster shows Jackman holding a child’s hand which I’m not sure if that’s a child version of himself or a child of his own. Some people rumor it to be a character by the name of X-23 a clone female version of Wolverine, I guess will find out…

Fun Fact: Jackman is the only person to have played the adult Wolverine but Musician Troye Sivan who’s known for the song “youth” actually played a small role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Jimmy(Logan/Wolverine) just found that out today…


The movie is set to release March 3rd, 2017.

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