MMeAnwhile In Russia…

MMA is on the rise stateside. Massive stars, premier promoters, and blood. Lots of blood. Modern day gladiators bring in millions both in attendance and PPV. And while it seems like America’s most extreme sport, Russia, once again does their best to one-up us. How? With fucking children…unnamed.jpg

That’s right. One of the regional leaders in Russia had his 10 year-old son featured in televised match where he beat another boy by technical knockout. This same televised event saw kids as young as 8 years-old competing. Haha oh man only in Russia can we tune in to watch a couple of little rascals go at it.

“The children walked into the ring with background music, were announced in the same way as pro fighters and were rewarded with belts when they won, with their father looking on.” –  Associated Press.

God what a scene! Those kids have to be loving their newly found stardom, especially since it comes from beating up another kid without being reprimanded by their drunk Russian parents. My little brother and I had some bouts, never got 3 rounds though. Sigh.


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