The Gallon Of Water A Day Challenge – 365 Days

A buddy and I are about to embark on the challenge of all challenges in true hero’s fashion. Starting today, October 5, 2016 we will try to drink one gallon of water every day for 365 days.

Apparently the benefits of this are stunning for your skin complexion. I think it’s reasonable to assume the two of us will be modeling for Calvin Klein or shooting music video’s roughly 8 months in. No more sleepless nights as well. The water is about the cleanse our souls and make us better.

Will it be easy? Absolutely not. I did this one other time in my life and it was actually difficult. In a celebratory move I hit a blunt after High School graduation and wasn’t aware I had a drug test for an upcoming job three days later. (I wasn’t even a habitual smoker, just bad luck. A couple young kids exploring) However, after downing gallons of water I passed, because of course, water is a wonder. (I also had to take two tests because my first was too diluted, so they say)  I also believe the hardest part will be building a habit and pattern of execution. That along with my midget sized bladder being an issue. For the first few weeks I’ll probably be pissing every 10 minutes. Hopefully it expands throughout training as it learns it’s new ways.

PS: I bet I make it 1 week.I’m no hero. Just a regular man.


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