David Vs. Goliath or Indians Vs. Red Sox

nomarHere we go baby, it’s either sink or swim… Ted and I’s 2 teams go at it Tonight. Ted backing the Sox and myself, the Tribe. I’m not real sure where Ted’s obsession with Boston comes from but I do know his family travels there quite a bit as a family for work. I also know he used to be a Nomar Garciaparra fan as I once was as well but my allegiance still stayed with the Cleveland Indians.

This series definitely has the feel of a David vs. Goliath tale with Indians being the under dog as the Boston Redsox are historically successful in the post season play. We’re a bit under the weather with a few of our pitching staff starters out due to injuries. But you have to admit there has been something magical about Terry Francona’s Squad. They come to fucking play baby! Countless walk off wins and a great team chemistry. I’m hoping that Tito can get the boys rollin’ against his former team and the last season of Big Papi.

I do enjoy watching the Red Sox but I’m AllinCLE round 2…Let’s make this city to erupt! Ted and I are in talks of making it a half day tomorrow in hopes of catching game 2 in Cleveland at 4:30 PM. we’ll keep you posted.

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