Madison Bumgarner Is Everything J.J.Watt Wants To Be

Bumgarner for the Giants is easily the best post game pitcher ever.  In his last nine postseason appearances he has pitched 68.2 innings and posted a 6-1 record with three shutouts, a 0.79 ERA.

Did I also mention that he’s the ultimate mans man? Bumgarner married his high school sweetheart and even bought her a cow for her birthday. The dude wears jeans, belt buckles, long hair, and cowboy boots to go along with his laid back, worker like lifestyle in his Carhart apparel. In a recent interview he was quoted: “We’ve got a lot of horses, and they have a very distinct smell about them. Anybody out there that owns them knows what I’m talking about. You miss that, and the smell of the woods, the grass, the creeks. All the different smells that you don’t get a chance to be around living downtown somewhere.” It’s the smell people. The dude enjoys the stench of fresh manure in the morning! If that’s not real, I don’t know what is… God,  I would love to go hunting with him. And I don’t even hunt.

On the other hand you know who wishes he was as authentic, cool, and manly as Bumgarner?

J.J. Watt – That poser ass wannabe doesn’t come close. Unlike Bumgarner, Watt constantly shoves this fraud persona in our faces. Remember that small little cabin he had in the woods? Yeah, the damn thing was worth millions. Nothing about his image is authentic and real, which is why I don’t like him. Bumgarner lives the laid back lifestyle while fishing, spitting, chopping, and bailing hay in the off-season. Meanwhile J.J. is probably secretly fantasizing about living on a ranch while enjoying a nice spread of crepes and whip cream for breakfast.

Bottom Line – Bumgarner is a man, a winner, and a friend. Watt is a wannabe who reminds me a lot of Russel Wilson, minus the Superbowl.

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