Parking Strategy Is Important

Parking your car and finding the optimum spot is an art. You can’t be too careful but you also can’t be too careless. In my 28 year’s I’ve learned that pushing your want to get as close as possible is often a dangerous move.

Uncle Stink and J-Hoe are quite possibly the worst strategy parkers of all-time. They are greedy as hell and it almost always backfires and results in us missing spaces because they want to get as close as possible.

Rather than take the first scattered lanes available they drive deep into the crowded cluster which results in us turning around 80% of the time.

Just take what the defense gives you and drop it off. No need to force the deep ball every time. It’s not a crime to walk a few extra steps…

As John Beckwith says: “It’s the first quarter of the big game and you wanna toss up a hail mary? I’d like to be pimps from Oakland or cowboys from Arizona but it’s not Halloween. Grow up, Peter Pan! Count Chocula!”

Example Below:


2 thoughts on “Parking Strategy Is Important

  1. Nice wedding crashers reference but I don’t even consider it a strategy, you’re just too damn impatient… “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller


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