Poll – Booty Battle Thursday – Mimi Perkins VS Ana Cheri

It’s Booty Battle Thursday Knuckleheads, so flex that booty hard. Our last booty battle winner was the famous Nicky Gile, who defeated a truly incredible booty from Cassie Brown by receiving %72 of the votes. Good stuff contestants… good stuff.

Lets take one last look at our most recent winner Nicky Gile.

But we must move on because there are more battles to be had. This week we will feature a prime time matchup of Ana Cheri vs Mimi Perkins. Woooohoooohooo this is gunna be good.

Here is our first contestant Ana Cheri. Incredible stuff if there ever was a blue print for the perfect booty, this is it.


and LIVE ACTION!!! ^. She sure knows her way around the kitchen.

Our Second Contestant is Mimi Perkins, if there is any booty that has a shot in this battle it’s this booty.



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