Teen Mom OG – Tyler Needs To Speak Up

I’ve been following the Teen Mom OG group since it first started back in 2009. It’s like a real life Truman Show. I’ve been witness to more births, arrests, arguments, sex scandals, and plastic surgery than one person should see in a lifetime. I’ve also been witness to Tyler’s devoted love that is causing him tons of troubles with Catelynn.

Here’s the deal: Catelynn has put on some serious weight over the years and you can tell it really bothers Tyler. The issue is that Tyler doesn’t know how to constructively bring it up and he hates how fat she is… Just look at the still shot below! That’s the face of a man who’s seen some shit.

In a more recent episode,  Catelynn was smashing food to the face when Tyler said:

“You’re really indulging,” 

She replied with, “Stop being a d–k.”

I feel really bad for Tyler. He’s trapped. The nice guy in him doesn’t know how to address these chub concerns. I think it’s time he lays down the law. Am I being harsh? Absolutely. But someone needs to speak up for Tyler and save this marriage. I care about both of them and I want to see them happy, not huge. It’s not unusual for a man to want his babe looking sexy as hell. That’s nature.

Because trust me, Tyler could pull some serious ass. I even told my fiance that she would be better off with him…. To which she replied. “I know, it’s bullshit.”

I think Tyler gets his game from his Dad, Butch.

Look a them since season 1. Growing up right in front of me.

Someone also needs to say something to Gary. I also saw Gary once at the Indy 500. He was strutting along. Amber bolted out of that one.




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  1. Outstanding show.. teen mom 2 is also great.. my wife and I enjoy mondays from 9-10.. from Gary to Ferrah and her mom and the creep with amber

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