Camp Michindoh For Uncle Stinks Bro

Uncle Stink has an 11 year old little brother who is without a doubt the brightest and best brother of the family. Even Uncle Stink would say as much. I’ve played video games with the kid and he’s a real good time. I can’t wait till he heads off to college so I can visit.

Anyway, the little guy is headed off to Camp Michindoh for his 6th grade camp. For anyone that went to AW or lives in the Northwest, Ohio region, this camp was the shit. Everyone looked forward to it and it was the highlight of the early school year.

At camp groups of friends and classmates would bunk up in cabins, play tag, harass leaders, and explore flirting behavior for the first times. I remember making fun of my best friends circus sized nipples for an hour. I feel bad about it now but thankfully he grew into them. In fact, one crazy ass kid actually used a cabin mates camera to take a pic of his dick. He was kicked out early. That’s the shit that goes down at camp. Just kids being kids. J-Hoe actually had to leave early his year as well. Poor guy got poison ivy so bad that his face was unrecognizable.

I sure hope Stink’s little bro has a great time. I know Uncle Stink did. Shit, Stink liked it so much that he decided to be a camp counselor for two years in High School. Yep, Stink watched and influenced a cabin of 12 year old’s. He said it was fun but they all smelled like ass… He’s kept in touch with a few of them since… Check out the website here

Here’s where they held a square “dance” on the last night. Shit was I nervous for this thing. I can’t dance and the ladies terrified me.


The slide was fucking closed when we went because it was October. Pisses me off to this day.

Capture 2.JPG

The food was nasty and they seriously made you eat the entire plate. If you didn’t you were shunned. It was serious shit.


I bunked across the lake like an outcast.



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  1. That place sucked, all I wanted to do after activities was go home, but no we had to go back to our BO smelling cabins.


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