Dustin Pedroia’s baseball bat is one of the cooler things I’ve seen in sports tech in awhile…

Yes, He’s playing against my beloved Indians but I respect the fuck outta this little guy. bat-3He’s a bulldog on the ball diamond and makes the game look easy on defense. He’s hitting .318 for the 2016 season and I believe his bat may have something to do with it. The only change he has made to his bat compared to others in the majors? The Handle… It’s in the shape of what an axe would be.

Here’s your typical MLB bat with the rounded knob at the bottom. It can be seen that many players have added on to the knob with tape or bathave them custom made to be even more rounded or more like a cone construction. I remember adding tape to my metal bat back in the day to get the same result as the big hitters even though I wasn’t much of a long ball hitter. Ted was, not me…I was laying down drag bunts to get on anyway I could. But Dustin’s bat…Check this shit out. Like I said it’s shaped like an axe. The reason: A 2014 study claims the axe handle bat will result in a decrease of wrist injuries and increased performance. Fits the hand and wrist better and quicker to cut through the zone like cutting through a tree. I want to hold one myself and hit some BP. It just makes sense…



Makes you wonder…what if? What if I had that bat, where would I be today? Who am I kidding? I’d still be sitting here writing shit for you…

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