Columbus Day Cleaning

Not everyone is off for Columbus day but I somehow convinced my boss that because the banks were closed we should be too. So I’m up trying to be productive on a day off and I’m off to a good start. The Nest has been in full swing this football season and have had countless guests using J-Hoe and I’s bathroom so I’m deep cleaning that bitch… My nose is running like a faucet due to dust and the chemicals down here. Ted and J-Hoe may come home to me face down dead in the toilet from the fumes.

I suggest if you guys have some time to get yourself situated today take the time to get cleaned up and organized to tackle your week like the Patriots did my Brownies this weekend. I’ve got the “pumpkin nutmeg pie” candle rolling along with a Spotify Playlist pumping out tunes. I’m in a great mood and I hope you Knuckleheads are as well.

I know I’ve shared this clip before but Schmidt in this scene is me:

This is not what happens at our crib, we may use soaps and such but never each others towels and yes we clean the shower:

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