Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse In Ann Arbor Messed Up


I lived in Ann Arbor for a year and loved it. The food is great but Ruth’s Chris Steak House made a major fuck up after Michigan shit on Rutgers chest with a score of 78-0.

  1. They underestimated how horrible Rutgers is. My god – They don’t deserve to be in the BIG 10 and it’s a total embarrassment. Whoever approved this deal has missed every Rutgers games thus far. So far they have been outscored by 3 top 5 opponents by an average score of 61-4.
  2. They forgot who’s coaching Michigan. Jim Harbaugh will never stop. Shit, he went for 2 while up by 25. The man probably had a khaki erection while watching the beat down.
  3. Steak is fucking delicious. It’s one thing to offer a massive discount if your product sucks. The problem is Ruth’s Chris steakhouse is delicious. Everyone will be lining up to cash in. This isn’t some free french fry coupon to Wendy’s.

In the end they deserve this. That whole town is thrilled with the hire of Harbaugh. I warn you though, he will destroy the entire Ann Arbor economy if you keep making poor business decisions. Don’t be shocked if he’s one of those patrons that shows up to cash in as well. I could see him backing a truck in for his order. It would be just like him.

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