Chipotle’s Chorizo Burrito

Dear Chipotle,

You nailed it, babe. You nailed it. I am particular to chicken or barbacoa when it comes to my burrito or bowl, but I had to try the spicy sausage option. In this case, had to go burrito to get the full effect with the tortilla and, damn it, I might get another tomorrow. The spicy-ness provided from the chorizo added a new element to the burrito. Combined with the salsas, cheese, brown rice, fajitas, and lettuce, it was a orgy of tastes in my mouth. Now, I will give the Chipotle location (Franklin Park Mall) its due credit. I have found the quality of burrito creation varies from location to location and this particular location did a superb job constructing my orgasmic wrapped wonder. Portions were pristine and it was wrapped to perfection. I can’t get this thing off my mind.

See you soon Chipotle.



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