David Ortiz “Big Papi” Moments

Last night the career of David “Big Papi” Ortiz came to an end. Ortiz will go down as one of the most clutch batters of all-time. He will also be remembered as a key cog that finally helped bring TITLES to the Red Sox. There are two players that I always loved watching at the plate. David Ortiz and Ken Griffey Jr. The lefty swings that they provided were beautiful and majestic. It sucks that they are gone. I also believe that Ortiz will be instrumental in the eventual addition of the DH in the National League. He’s proof that the American League is just better and his legacy will continue to impact the game.

Also, no other sport does tributes or send-offs like Major League Baseball. From Jeter, Riveria, Cal Ripken Jr., Ortiz and Griffey, they are the best.

Below are some Ortiz highlights:

Riveria Send-off for baseball reference about how well they do it:

Jeter says goodbye:

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