Ladies Are Sexy As Hell In The Fall & Winter

Sure, a babe in a bikini with little to no coverage is nice. However, the truth is that many men would actually prefer some surprise. We like to use our imaginations from time to time… It’s the same theory with panties. Many men prefer boy shorts or thongs as opposed to butt ass naked. As a species we admittedly have some strange preferences and this is one of them…

That same principle holds true with fall and winter clothing. The summer is great but something about ladies in jeans, a scarf, a winter hat, or a stylish jacket really revs my engine. I can’t explain it…


One would think that a girl insulated in a million layers would be less than ideal. However, a snowboarding chick for example is incredible. So, as we make our way through the fall and winter season let it be known that us men truly appreciate the fall and winter styles.

I especially prefer the jean, with some ankle and kick ass shoes look. I don’t know the name of this ensemble so I included some pictures for reference. My google search was worded as “fall jeans with ankle showing and nice shoes for ladies” and it actually worked… Maybe I am a fashion star in the making?

PS: I love the fall and winter clothing for myself. All options are in play for me to look sexy as hell.

2 thoughts on “Ladies Are Sexy As Hell In The Fall & Winter

  1. I agreeu are becoming a fashion expert just like I prefer men in bathing trunks old fashioned word not in those holders they make make me run as I can not control my eyes become totally blind and like I saw a clown


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