The Cubs WIN & I Look Smarter By The Series

The Cubs just did the most Un-Cub like thing ever last night. Down to the Giants by 3 in the ninth they rallied and scored 4, which resulted in a 6-5 victory and a division clinching series. The old Cubs would have blown their initial 2-0 series lead while choking on the deep throat. Not these Cubs though. As I’ve said numerous times, they are winning the World Series, and last night was a huge step.

Another thing – For all of his genius over the years, Bochy totally blew it for the Giants in the ninth and coached them straight into a loss. The Cubs comeback was the biggest in postseason-series clinching history against five different relievers. At times you can over think the game. The Giants were holding down the Cubs and a cute “matchup” strategy killed them. It also made the 9th inning torture to watch. I seriously think MLB needs to explore a rule that removes pitcher/batter bullpen changes. It sucks when I see a guy throw 3 pitches and get pulled.

Also, tip of the cap to the Giants. This snaps their even year title run. They won in 2010, 2012, and 2014… Insane.

To the Cubs, keep it going. I need you to make me look smart.

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