This Mother-bleepin’ Election

This is a rant. It is a rant against the majority of you and the majority of our country. Before I begin, know that I am neither republican, nor democrat. Middle-of-the-road is how I like to think of myself, but that’s not the point…

Okay, STOP FUCKING POSTING POLITICAL BULLSHIT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! I mean my god. I know we are coming up to an election and I know just how meaningful this particular election is, but jesus christ man. I don’t–we don’t–need to know where you stand with every goddamn issue. Everyone is brainwashed, on both sides. There is absolutely no objectivity. There is simply bias, unwavered, uncreative, manipulated views. Yet, for some reason, you buffoons choose to flaunt your political preference with various facebook posts or tweets. News flash, you are not going to convince anyone to change their views or come to your side. Don’t you fucking get that?!

All you people do by posting political goat shit is rabble-rouse and seek confrontation. It is not Colin Kaepernick or the various athletes protesting that are dividing America. It is you. It is you posting about it. It is you, political puppets, puffing your democratic or republican chests out, telling people your thoughts on protest or which of the two nominated clowns you stand with.

And they are clowns by the way–probably the least offensive thing I could call them. Trump is a mysoginistic xenophobe. Frankly, if you’re a woman voting for him, that’s like a jewish person voting for Hitler. And Clinton is no better. She is a smug, lying, little crook who has been in our capital for far too long. These two are far-and-away the worst two candidates our country has faced in its history. This is election is an insult to our country. Forget the depression, this may be a new low. But what makes it worse is your mother-bleepin’ desire to announce your loyalties to these two idiots. I don’t care who you vote for, no one does. There’s a reason when you vote, it is strictly private. Keep it that way damn it! Stop polluting social media and creating the arguments that inevitably ensue.

And don’t think you can fool me, I know that’s what you want. You want confrontation, you want to argue–with a closed-mind and no objectivity might I add. You want to belittle someone from the other side. You want the opportunity to name-call. Basically, you want to prove your ignorance and intolerance on views other than your own. Or you’re attention starved. Either one, either one.

This rant could go one forever, but frankly, I like keeping my blood pressure down. Now, this will be posted on social media, mostly because that’s the only way you brainwashed drones will read it.

Just realize you are causing more national divide with your stupid posts. Probably more than the candidates themselves.

No offense. I’m just out here callin spades spades.


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