BMW’s newest motorcycle is on some next level TRON Shit…

This thing is simply put fucking incredible. J-Hoe and I love the movie TRON Legacy, witn Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund. In the movie they ride “Light Cycles” and trhe BMX Motorrad Vision Next 100 looks eerily similar. Coincidence? I think not. This motorcycle looks so smooth, I actually want to take a stab at driving one of these bad boys.

Just to give you knuckleheads insight into my ability to drive 2 wheeled vehicles, I’ve crashed 2 mopeds in my day. One, I broke the little girls basket on the front of it, as well as giving myself a concussion, and Numb left side of my face for a few hours and the other was on spring break where I soberly drove directly into the side of a taxi cab and according to the jerk off cab driver, I “ruined a couples sunset on Sanibel Island”, Fuck that dude… Sorry to that couple though. Was never charged with anything because we were on private property. I’m getting a little long winded here with my experiences. Take a look at how advanced this 2-wheeler is…so sick.

Right?! Right?!

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