Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Auston Matthews Makes History & Has A Decent Mom

Auston Matthews is a 19 year old hockey stud! Last night the Toronto Maple Leaf rookie made history and started off his career with 4 goals!

That’s insane to think about. For starters he’s 19. When I was 19 I took a trip to Windsor with friends so we could legally get plastered. Being the losers that we were, 10 of us ordered fruity drinks topped with whip cream. The looks we received were awful but how were we to know?

So while I was doing that in Windsor, Auston is cashing checks, scoring goals, and becoming a hero throughout Canada. I don’t even score 4 goals in our shitty winter pick-up games. I mean, I probably could but I’m typically skating around drunk on fireball… It keeps you warm

Either way, what Auston did is impressive. These weren’t “lucky” goals either and his mom seemed thrilled. Also, sort of hot. For a mom. She won’t make the KDCOTW or anything but it’s still worth recognizing.


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