We Have Puppies And J-Hoe’s Still Needs A Name!

On Tuesday me, Uncle Stink, J-Hoe, and Bopper (as we will call her to protect identity) made the decision to purchase a Golden Doodle puppy. I mean, why not? We already have Rick joining us so what would the addition of a furry four legged friend hurt? Well, fast forward to the end of our trip and we left with not one, but two furry friends. Two days in and they are a delight.

Lou is my dog – A smart, charismatic beauty who already fell in the pool once. He seems to play it pretty low key… (On the left)

However, J-Hoe’s dog is a bit of a monster and a bully. Don’t get me wrong, he’s great, but he’s  chubbier and pushy. The other issue is that he’s still nameless. Three days in and J-Hoe has yet to name the poor guy proving that one day J-Hoe will make a great father.

To date it sounds like we have a few option:

  1. Tuddy – Short for “I’m just out here slinging touchdowns at the bar with the ladies.”  It’s actually very fitting when you consider who owns the nameless wonder.
  2. Frank – Simple and fitting. This dog can’t have a complex name.
  3. Theo –  I don’t see him as a Theo. It’s far too elegant for his behavior.
  4. Tuggernuts or “Tug” for short – This is currently my vote. Hell, I’ve already started saying it in hopes that it sticks. The dude chews and pulls on everything.

We need some help. Please vote…

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