I Hate To Say It But Frickers Has Nasty Wings

Frickers doesn’t even come close to Buffalo Wild Wings when it comes to wings. I’m not even going to post a poll on this article because it’s not even debatable. Buffalo Wild Wings wins every time. It actually pains me to say that as someone who really respects and tries to support the local chains, but enough is enough.

For a Sunday Funday a few of us hit up Frickers in a final attempt to enjoy it…. Again, I was totally unhappy with my meal. (As were others) The wings are heavily breaded, buttered, and just plain greasy. And don’t give me the “You have to order the wings naked” bullshit. I’ll order my wings with the bread because that’s how they traditionally offer them. At BW3’s I don’t have to trick out my order to optimize my food joy.

Why am I so upset? Because this was the second time in a row that I’ve left Frickers only to bury my head in the toilet, throwing up later that day/night. I’m sure the bottle of bourbon with Uncle Stink didn’t help but it’s bourbon season and the point remains – The Frickers wings are not good and they have lost their edge over the years. Back in High School I loved them but today they seem lackluster. That makes me super sad.

Going forward I’ll only order a handful of items from Frickers – Their beer deals are incredible, their Frickers Pizza is sensational, and their fries are delicious. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Wings, and that pisses me off. I love wings, I know wings, I deserve quality wings.


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